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E-Cig Juice PG/VG Ratios

One of the most important aspects to learn about vaping is figuring out what PG/VG ratio is best for you in your E-cig juice. Many people have different tastes, and therefore there is no overall best ratio for everyone. Even though some ratios, like a 60 PG/40 VG, are more standard, it will still depend on an individual's preference. 

What Is PG?

PG, one of the most bases in E-cig juice, stands for propylene glycol which is an odorless and colorless liquid. It also has a thin consistency like water. Therefore the PG part of E-cig juice will not affect the flavor taste. Some people who vape have an allergy to propylene glycol and will have a reaction if the ratio of PG is too high. The taste will have a faint sweetness. Its chemical class is that of a diol and can fully dissolve in many solvents that include chloroform, acetone, and water. PG is mainly used in producing polymers, and the PG itself is made on a large scale. It is also used for food processing and in heat exchange applications with low temperatures, it is a processing fluid.

What Is VG?

Unlike PG, the VG part of E-cig juice has a thick consistency like a syrup and will not cause any allergic reactions. The term VG stands for vegetable glycerin. This thick liquid is also colorless and odorless like propylene glycol. It is classified as a polyol compound that is simple, and the backbone will be found in triglycerides, which are lipids. These triglycerides can be obtained in animal and plant sources. The food industry widely this product as humectants, sweeteners, and is also used in some pharmaceutical formulations. The three hydroxyl groups that are found in vegetable glycerin makes it capable of dissolving in water and gives it a hygroscopic nature.

How Does PG Or VG Affect Equipment?

Due to PG having a low density and being thin, the wicks on the atomizers will be absorbed quickly, which gives a much less chance of someone's E-cig juice heating elements, and wicks of atomizers to be gunked up and also makes it easier for them to be cleaned. VG on the other hand, will not be absorbed by the wicks as fast because of the higher density it has compared to PG. Therefore, the heating elements and wicks have a higher chance of getting build up and make It harder to clean the parts.

How To Select The Ratio For You

Since PG and VG are both used together in the production of E-cig juice, different rates will give different sensations. Almost all new E-cig juice users will tamper with their PG/VG ratios until they find the perfect fit to satisfy their taste.

The higher PG ratios in E-cig juice will provide more flavor to be carried out and will also have a stronger throat hit. Former smokers tend to go with the more PG since they prefer those more powerful hits on the throat and with flavor. PG also has a faster absorption of the nicotine. Alternatively, having more VG will give a sweeter taste and will be perfect for sweet flavors. The main reason people will go for having more VG in their juice is for the bigger clouds that are exhaled when vaping. Nicotine absorption is also slower in VG than it is in PG. These users have been called Cloud Chasers.

When it comes to storage time, higher PG ratios will be the way to go because it will have stronger moisturizing properties than VG. So anybody who likes to put their juice away for a while for future use will benefit from more PG. However, storage will need to be in a cold, dry area. VG on the other will have a better temperature resistance than PG. So if there is ever a time where someone is outside during summer months or in any other warmer environment, more VG E-cig juice will have a greater chance of not being ruined than more PG based liquids.

A good PG/VG ratio in the juice to begin with if someone is new would be a 50/50 or 60/40. After trying out those mixtures, start adjusting from there. If the hit on the throat is too strong, adjust toward the more VG than PG direction for a smoother hit from the E-cig juice. If the hit on the throat is not enough, then do the opposite direction by going with more PG than VG.

To get an idea of how each ratio will affect your hits, vapor, etc., here are some example explanations. A 100% PG ratio will provide a very powerful throat hit, and the flavors will be very clean. The downfall of this is the lack of vapor production. A 70/30 ratio of PG/VG will provide a not as strong hit on the throat and give a little more production on the vapor. One of the two starting ratios, as mentioned earlier, is a 60/40 which will give an OK amount of vapor with a decent throat hit that is not overwhelming. The other of the two good starting ratios in E-cig juice is the 50/50 mix, which gives a mellow throat hit and better quality clouds when exhaling. A 30/70 ratio of PG/VG will give a subtle throat hit and produce a substantial amount more of vapor. 100% VG will give the maximum amount of vapor and the minimum amount of hit on the throat. However, 100% VG is extremely uncommon and almost impossible to achieve. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact E-cig juice flavors are all made with PG for the storing purposes. The only real way to reach 100% VG is to order unflavored E-cig juice and order all VG. Even though there would be no flavor added with the 100% VG, it will still have a slightly sweet taste that comes naturally in vegetable glycerin.


Testing multiple PG/VG ratios in E-cig juice may take a little time to find the perfect match, but in the end will pay off once you figure out the sensation you are craving with throat hits, smoothness, and vapor production.